MSI GmbH offers patients and, when necessary, accompanying persons assistance in submitting multiple-entry visas for their visit of Germany.

We compile all necessary documents for our clients, which we then send to them with the utmost urgency. These documents enable patients to submit their visa applications at the appropriate visa office (consulate etc.) in their home city/state/country.

Upon special request, we are also able to submit visa requests in Moscow and Kiev directly by way of our on-site representatives.

To avail yourself of our visa assistance, you have to meet the following requirements:  

  1. Possession of a valid passport
  2. Possession of an official medical appointment confirmation written on the stationery of the clinic or hospital confirming the inpatient or outpatient stay of the patient in question
  3. Bank transfer confirmation of the advance payment of medical and organisational services
  4. Written booking confirmation from the hotel for cases of outpatient care

On average, the compilation of all necessary documents and visa application take approximately one week.