Kur Royal

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D-61288 Bad Homburg 

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Healing waters

Bad Homburg’s famous mineral springs were the driving factor behind the spa town’s rise to prominence. Nobles and celebrities from across the globe soon learned of the healing qualities of the city’s famous mineral sources and its healing climate. The famous casino, known as “the mother of Monte Carlo”, offered fewer health benefits, but became popular with spa guests nonetheless.

The ideal short holiday – Kur-Royal Day Spa

A day spent at the Kur-Royal Day Spa is like a short break from everyday life. Situated in the heart of Bad Homburg’s scenic spa gardens, one finds the imposing Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad, the home of this luxurious day spa. The spa’s modern rooms and chambers offer rest and relaxation to those needing a time-out from the hustle and bustle. The interplay of tradition and modernity so visible at this magnificent day spa mirrors the modern flair and old-world charm on display throughout the famous spa town.

The therapeutic range of Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad

Aside from its generous wellness offers, the Kur-Royal Day Spa also features reflexology, healing-clay applications, massages and physiotherapy. With their experience and expertise, the spa’s therapists help to promote the health and wellbeing of their clients.