Dr. Georg-Michael Henrich
Dr. Georg-Michael Henrich
Martina Forberg
Am Mühlberg 6 – 8
D-61348 Bad Homburg

+49 (0) 6172 - 30 77 77

+49 (0) 6172 - 30 77 78

Our philosophy
We offer our patients best-possible dental care in accordance with the latest scientific developments, equipment technologies and service standards. This demand of high quality is reflected in our corporate claim: “Dentistry of a new generation.”

This claim is not a marketing ploy; it is a description of our service ideology and the driving factor behind our daily work. Following this “leitmotif”, we promote top performance and support the personal and professional development of our dentists and support staff.

Our aims

We perform our work with passion each and every day, with the aim of achieving our lofty goals.

We want our patients to be satisfied with our work, ensuring that they’ll recommend us further at the next opportunity.
We want satisfied employees who are both happy and proud to work at AVADENT Clinic.
We want to expand our market dominance within the region.
We want the AVADENT brand to stand for dental treatment of the absolutely highest quality.